Lab Collective was built to serve brands in their creative expressions. We chart your course, dream up the brightest future, and then — we get you there.

We believe it takes equal parts strategy, creativity and a dash of magic to create the best brands.

We have our way of doing things, a tried and tested strategic brand-building formula. Nothing’s long-lasting without a strong foundation, so that’s where we always begin — researching and gathering insights.

The most essential ingredient is collaboration.

We wrangle up the best folk; and they bring their craft, connections and cultural know-how to the table. Together, our people and your people come together to map your brand’s future.

It’s this process that creates, transforms and gives form to the big ideas that launch your brand into orbit.

How can we support you? Just ask — we build teams on a case by case basis.

Where it all begins. From surveys to in-depth interviews, we conduct research that uncovers market opportunities, audience behaviors, and bulletproof brand visions.
Brand Strategy
Building a strong foundation — we apply a tried and tested process to uncover what makes your brand unique. This strategic framework will guide all future brand decisions.
Rooted in our brand strategy, we develop distinct and memorable names that set your business up for success.
Brand Identity
We move from our brand strategy into impactful visual and verbal identities that captivate your audience. Our process begins with curiosity and ends with a bold finale.
Marketing & Activation
The most rewarding projects are seen through from concept to branding to launch and beyond. We’ll develop and plan strategic, creative campaigns with focused messaging across the channels your customers care about.
Content Production
We create content people want to engage with. Great content is an extension of your brand and story. We develop compelling content strategies and execute them beautifully through photography, storytelling, and illustration.