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Presenting: The Pitch Deck

Presenting: The Pitch Deck

In this series, 'Presenting', we walk you through building key business presentations, step-by-step.

First up is the ‘pitch deck’. A pitch deck is an essential tool for introducing your business to potential investors when looking for funding. It’s been written about many, many, many times over. But here’s how we’ve approached it for our clients in the past.

In sum, it should be: 

  • A brief 10 to 20 slides and easy to understand
  • Compelling and tailored to your audience
  • Actionable i.e. the “ask” should be clear

What is a pitch deck?

  • A tool to showcase your vision to new investors and advisors, with the goal of raising money or acquiring talent
  • A document that clearly outlines your goals for the business, and how you plan to hit them outta the park
  • An opportunity to highlight any early accomplishments you’re proud of
  • Proof that you understand your strategic business advantages, market landscape, and customers

Why do you need a pitch deck?

  • Introduce your business to potential stakeholders/advisors
  • Get that shmoney from potential investors

Who needs a pitch deck?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone with a product or service business who is seeking support

The anatomy of the pitch deck. Here's our step-by-step breakdown.

1. Your Vision or Brand Story Statement

This should be compelling. Start strong by sharing your vision for the brand. What change in the world are you setting out to make?

2. The Opportunity

The opportunity can be broken down into a) the market overview, b) the problem in the market, c) the solution you envision and your role in this solution.

Your problem should be singular (read: focused) and feel relatable for your audience. The solution you propose should clearly illustrate the gap your product or brand is filling by coming into existence and your unique position in the market.

3. Your Product

Show off your goods. Here is where you can showcase your product, demonstrate how it works, and highlight what makes it different or unique.

4. Customer Snapshot & Social Proof

This section demonstrates how well you know your customer. Make sure you’ve done your research and spoken to real people to gather interesting and relevant insights. Depending on what stage you’re business is in, you can show off customer testimonials, press snippets, and relationships worth bragging about.

5. Business and Marketing Plan

You might want to break this section down by a) past performance, b) future plans and projections and c) growth opportunities and how you plan to strategically spend the money you’re looking to raise. 

This section should summarise your month-on-month business growth (i.e. revenue and other relevant metrics). Stay honest and highlight the moments you’re proud of. For example, your ‘past performance’ doesn’t need to be all about numbers. You might also point out notable partnerships that have strengthened the brand. Include a summary of your future projected business growth for the next 3 to 5 years.

6. Team

When introducing your team, focus on their relevant past achievements, as it pertains to the success of your business. What past experiences does everyone bring to the table that will positively impact your company’s future? What makes this team specially qualified to carry out this project?

7. The "Ask"

Clearly state who’s already on board (if relevant) and what sort of investment you’re looking for. Give a range $$$ so as to keep yourself open to as many potential investors as possible. Beyond financials, you might be looking for partners or investors with the knowledge that will help carry your business towards your future growth path.

8. Annex

Here, you can include data that your audience will scour only after you’ve sent the presentation across via email. Think about including your detailed financials to date as well as future projections, and any key partners (e.g. sourcing, manufacturing, factory, etc.) that will strengthen your story.

Don’t forget that like any good presentation, this is about storytelling! Keep your slides visual and light, so that the focus is on YOU. 

Time to get to work.

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