A Celebration of Women in the Cannabis Industry

A Celebration of Women in the Cannabis Industry

The Situation

Create & Cultivate and MISSBISH are both digital media brands celebrating and empowering women on the rise, so when the opportunity arose to collaborate, it was a no-brainer 一 the two brands had great synergy and similar readerships. The idea of a ‘women in cannabis’ content series was intriguing. Cannabis had recently been legalised in several states in America, leading to an industry boom; and a relatively large number of women were at the helm of this ‘new’ industry. 

The Solution

MISSBISH had experience writing about cannabis, but the topic was novel for Create & Cultivate. This collaborative series offered the perfect opening for C&C to shine light on an industry with an important executive female footprint. Over one month, we interviewed 3 leading women in the cannabis industry, and dubbed it 'cannabis month'. The series, coined 'Green Queens', culminated in a digital roundtable discussion allowing the women in the series to engage directly with readers of both MISSBISH and Create & Cultivate.


Marketing & Activation

Content Strategy

Broccoli Mag founder Anja Charbonneau, photographed by Shola W. Lawson 
“It’s incredibly motivating to suddenly be part of a massive community of women around the world who are interested in weed." — Anja Charbonneau
Flower Shop founders Suzanne Shpall and Lorna Donohoe, photographed by Christina Choi
“Overall, this industry is a rad place for women to innovate and occupy leadership roles.  As this industry grows into itself, I am excited to see women at the forefront. That’s not to say it’s perfect. I still find myself the only woman in the room at some meetings, and some stereotypical dynamics do still play out. I have been fortunate enough though to surround myself with people who are amazingly creative, supportive and respectful of one another, regardless of sex or race." — Suzanne Shpall
Women Grow founder Jazmin Hupp, photographed by Beatrice Seifert
“Since women will be the dominate purchasers of marijuana, it turns out that other women are best equipped to create the marijuana products and buying experiences that women want. Additionally operating a marijuana business today requires navigating a complex system not created for your success and it turns out women are better than anyone at working within a system that wasn’t created for their benefit." — Jazmin Hupp
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