Sparking a Self Love Movement

Sparking a Self Love Movement

The situation

MISSBISH has a strong reputation as a digital media brand and community for up-and-coming creative women across fashion, art, design, music and more. As a purpose driven media platform, MISSBISH celebrates women on the rise and empowers their readers to be the greatest versions of themselves. When MISSBISH decided to bring their brand into the physical realm by launching an athletic apparel collection, they knew the product line had to embody their purpose by instilling confidence in its wearer. After speaking with MB readers, we uncovered that making time for themselves was both a key challenge and a priority.

The solution

We celebrated our community’s pursuit of progress via the ‘Commit To You’ campaign. We released a series of interviews with women on the rise and asked them to define the #CommitToYou mantra on their own terms. Each interviewee was styled and photographed in the collection.



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Lindsay Jang, Co-Founder of MISSBISH, wearing MISSBISH Apparel
MISSBISH Apparel lookbook, photographed by Carmen Chan
Behind the scenes photographed by Nicole Fung
SOSUPERSAM for MISSBISH Apparel photographed by Christina Choi
"It's waking up every morning and promising yourself to do your best." — SOSUPERSAM
Julie Schott for MISSBISH Apparel photographed by Christina Choi
"Putting yourself first isn't about performative self-love. I think women are taught that there's always a solution for sale, whether it's a new skincare product or a feminist slogan t-shirt." — Julie Schott
Nikki Howard for MISSBISH Apparel photographed by Christina Choi
"I have a small group of friends who understand my lifestyle and accept it. They know I don’t go out and party, I can’t go out to dinners every night because I have a very specific diet, I go to bed early and wake up early. They never hold that against me or try to pressure me to change because they know it’s what I need. Having a group of friends that is so understanding of my needs allows me to put myself first without feeling guilty." — Nikki Howard
MISSBISH Apparel content on Instagram
MISSBISH Apparel popup in Hong Kong

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