Challenging the Performance Narrative

Challenging the Performance Narrative

The situation

LANE EIGHT is a premium performance footwear company. We were tasked with building their brand following the development of their first shoe, the Trainer AD 1. Our challenge would be standing out from and going up against the big players that dominate today’s performance space.

Our research revealed that today’s active millennials are searching for a new, authentic and fun brand that recognizes their varied day-to-day lifestyle; and doesn’t speak solely to professional athletes. Fashion and performance hold equal weight in their minds.

The solution

Celebrating our authentic position as the underdog, we took a fun and relatable approach to activewear that blended fashion and performance. By recognizing ‘everyday athletes’ as opposed to professional athletes, our narrative allowed customers to see themselves in our branding.



Brand Strategy

Marketing & Activation

Content Production

Early moodboard exploration in collaboration with ADAM Studios
Campaign and studio imagery in collaboration with ADAM Studios
LANE EIGHT logo design by ADAM Studios
Brand story and 'Building the Brand' content series created in collaboration with Emily Wordsworth and ADAM Studios, on
Instagram brand launch content in collaboration with ADAM Studios and Emily Wordsworth
Wheatpasting for LANE EIGHT's first Hong Kong popup, photographed by Christopher Lim of ADAM Studios

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